The Story Wines Col Fondo Prosecco 750ml 11%

The Story Wines Col Fondo Prosecco 750ml 11%


Our first Prosecco, from the traditional Glera variety and made in a very traditional manner. We ferment the juice to dryness and then we take some fermenting wine and add it back, knowing the volume and sugar level remaining before we bottle it that same day. The sweeter wine continues to ferment creating the pressure and the bubbles in the bottle. Voila!

A little similar to the French Pettilant Naturel, it finishes fermentation in the bottle and therefore creates yeast sediment, which would be disgorged in Champagne, but which we leave in the bottle to give a cloudy appearance and some lovely texture and yeasty complexity to the wine.

Served chilled, this is perfect for drinking in a tumbler with a few prawns or oysters in the backyard and enjoy the dry crispness combined with the florals and yeasty notes that the sediment gives. Sulphite free (other that whatever is naturally produced by the fermentation).

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