Nomads Garden Skin Contact Field Blend 750ml 9.3%

Nomads Garden Skin Contact Field Blend 750ml 9.3%

2019 Skin Contact Field Blend – Experimental Wine
Handmade - Viogner & Marsanne Co-Ferment - 270 Days on Skins Unfiltered - Unfined - Natural Ferment - No Acid Added

Vineyard – Battely Vineyard, Beechworth.

Fruit for this wine is sourced from the Battely Vineyard in Beechworth. The opportunity to lease this neglected vineyard just up the road from our farm and vineyards in Eldorado, 15 minutes by tractor to be precise came about in 2017. The vineyard is comprised of 5 different Shiraz clones, Durif along with small plantings of Viogner and Marsanne for cofermentation. This is the Viogner and Marsanne that was surplus to our needs for cofermentation.

Given that the fruit didn’t have a home it gave us a bit of licences to get a little whacky. The fruit was picked on the same day at a super low baume of 9. We had a vision of creating a textural skin contact lower alcohol wine. To achieve this the grapes were crushed and destemmed and sent to an open fermenter. They were covered with a protective layer of CO2 until wild fermentation commenced after about 4 days. The ferment was kept cool and pumped over twice daily. Once the fermentation was complete the tank was locked down and the wine remained unsulphured on skins for some 270 days. The juice was pumped away from the skins which were discarded and not pressed. A small addition of SO2 was made just prior to bottling. Unfined, unfiltered and hand bottled at our winery. Vegan Friendly.
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